Johan sensed there was a demand for primary and

all-encompassing solutions for housing issues. A commission by

the municipality of Hoogeveen to design a number of residential

houses and develop this into a project, was the incentive to

present himself as a real estate developer. Berginvest applied

itself to the development of residential housing, residential areas,

shopping centres and public places. And more than ever did the

environment and the users of these buildings turn out to be the

criterion of their development. A striking example was the firm’s

own quarters.

In 2003 a monumental but dilapidated farmhouse at Zuidwolde,

in the township of Ten Arlo, was transformed into an inspiring

contemporary working environment. Modern on the inside, in

harmony with the rural environment on the outside. In 2012

Johan and his son Stefan, who has been involved with

Berginvest since 2007, decided for Stefan and an associate to

persue the development activities at Zwolle. Under the name of

Assenberg, Stefan focuses on real estate development.

Berginvest remains active as an investment company. In this

construction Johan remains involved as a concept developer

and a director. His passion for spacial design will be added


The monumental farmhouse is now the creative domain of

Johan Fieten bv Architectuur en conceptontwikkeling.

Johan will focus on designing attractive and meaningful places

and buildings. Thus you know Johan Fieten.

Johan Fieten

Johan Fieten bv

Architecture and

Concept Development

A Born


Johan Fieten

on Architecture

in the Netherlands.

Johan Fieten

on his Passions.

A born architect? One would think so. As a child Johan Fieten

loved to draw. To design and create objects and spaces of his

own hand. And to figure out the construction of what had already

been created. As a fifteen year old boy Johan was hired as a

draftsman at an architect’s firm at Hoogeveen, the Netherlands.

Designing and creating. And off on the bicycle to apply for

permits at the municipality. He was fascinated by the entire

process, but there had to be more for him to discover. This he

learned at a construction company: calculating, planning,

outsourcing and monitoring. This process fascinated him as well.

And so experience grew.

De Boer Supermarkten

With this experience, a few years later, Johan entered the

De Boer Supermarkten headquarters at the town of Beilen.

This company intended to rapidly establish branches of their

supermarket chain and their Mitra liquor stores and Trekpleister

drugstores, throughout the Netherlands. Johan was in charge of

the flawless execution of this ambitious plan. Acquiring premises,

hiring third parties for renovation and supervising the

transformation into the company logo of the supermarket, liquor

store or drugstore. A daily confrontation with all facets of

designing and constructing. Practical and pragmatic. On the job

Johan developed a sharp eye for application within architecture.


In 1984 Johan Fieten established his own architectural firm,

FAME. A firm focusing on designing residential housing, offices,

shopping and recreational centres, and actively involved in the

expansion of retail organisations. Johan’s versatile experience

from the previous years all came together. Moreover, being an

entrepreneur agreed with him: developing plans and setting up

projects. FAME prospored. For strategic purposes branches

were established at the towns of Zwolle and Arnhem. His motto

‘Dream, Think, Do’ buzzed through the firm. In 1996 this led to a

second company: Berginvest. Meanwhile FAME grew to be a

renowned architectural firm. In 2008 a management buyout

followed: the firm was transferred to its management of the day.


Spiekampenweg 2

7921 PA  Zuidwolde

Telephone +31 528 39 81 20