Johan Fieten bv

Architecture and

Concept Development

The more complex

the Assignment, the

greater the Challenge.

Architecture and Concept Development

Johan Fieten focuses on design and development issues.

He specializes in existing shopping areas and public spaces in

villages and residential areas. His method of working comprises

five successive products:

• Feasibility study and concept development

  1. Change of zoning plan (urban developmental design, process supervision, coördination of necessary research)

• Design

• Planning permit

• Aesthetic supervision

By outsourcing the remaining activities, Johan can fully

concentrate on his products. The conceptual phase is

all-defining: with relatively low costs and the right information,

it is possible to gain insight into location choice and investment

budget. Based on the concept and feasibility studie, an adequate

decision can be made with regard to purchase or lease and

planning procedures. The concept is then developed into an

urban development and building contract. For the technical

development and elaboration of the process, Johan Fieten has

an excellent network of specialized parties. Think, for instance,

of cooperating with landscape architects. Finally Johan

supervises a commission at an aestetic level, until completion.


Can one do more than the client expects? Johan Fieten’s former

training and experience counted four determining disciplines:

initiating, creating, organizing and budgeting. Within his own

architect’s firm FAME and later as a real estate developer, this

sum of qualities became the hallmark of his method of working.

Not only designing but also seeing opportunities and solving

problems. Doing more than what is expected. The more complex

the assignment, the greater the challenge.


In every building of his hand, Johan Fieten’s signature can be

recognized. Not pre-eminently by materials or details used but by

shape and charisma. The buildings make an impression. Or they

are perfectly in tune with the environment. Call it a statement for

or on behalf of the users. This significant feeling is the personal

design style of the architect Johan Fieten. A style where

professionalism and personality come together.

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