Johan Fieten bv

Architecture and

Concept Development

Johan Fieten on

Drenthe as a Source

of Inspiration.

From his home at Elim, Johan overlooks birches, oaktrees and

elderberries. In the foreground there is a pond, where the clouds

pass by. And at a slower pace, the seasons. Often, when the day

has not quite started yet, deer can be seen at the fringe of the

woods. To Johan Fieten this is a meaningful place. On the soil

of Drenthe. Once an area marked by narrow, straight waterways

(wieken) used for transporting the cut peat on small boats

towards bigger ships. Now, during a walk through the woods,

only a few hidden wieke, overgrown by branches, can be

discovered. Fertile soil for Johan, as at this place in Drenthe,

he often gets ideas for new projects.

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Spiekampenweg 2

7921 PA  Zuidwolde

Telephone +31 528 39 81 20

Inspiration, however, can be found anywhere: during

conversations with people, listening to people. While observing

and looking around. Especially looking, everywhere. Pulling over

the car, even jumping over a ditch, to be able to look. Primarily

looking. Where needed, Johan promotes his province as the

ambassador of 'Proef het ondernemen in Drenthe' (Taste

entrepreneurship in Drenthe).