Drenthe and Africa, figurative art and aquatic sports. They seem

contradictions, but they are the passions of Johan Fieten. He

feels at home in Africa as he does in Drenthe. The affinity for

beauty and simplicity touches him every time during his travels

through this continent. Art, too, inspires him, because artists

challenge us to look beyond boundaries. Nothing is impossible.

The enormous tulips by Ada Stel, that got a place near his home

at Elim, the landscapes by painter Gerard van de Weerd, the

earth and sky on which one seems te be able to smell, and the

wayward work by versatile artist Erik van Houten. Besides, art

can ‘just be beautiful’. To Johan that is for instance Rudi van de

Wint’s monumental work on the outskirts of Hoogeveen, near

the entry way to the A37 motorway. Aesthetically splendid and

an outstanding landmark. Thus art can, as architecture, create

a place of importance.

Johan Fieten

Johan Fieten bv

Architecture and

Concept Development

Johan Fieten

on his Passions.

Tulpen (Tulips), sculpture group by Ada Stel

Velden van Nevel (Fields of Fog), statue by Rudi van de Wint

Johan Fieten on

Drenthe as a Source

of Inspiration.

At this moment Johan is, in co-operation with relief organizations,

involved in various projects in Malawi, Uganda en Kenya.

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