Johan Fieten bv

Architecture and

Concept Development

Johan Fieten

on Clients.

Clients tend to know very well which architect they engage.

It is not only the architect’s body of work that appeals to

them, but also the confidence of placing the commission in

the hands of a kindred spirit, so that an interchange of

ideas and ambitions can come about. Johan Fieten likes to

see clients commit themselves primarily by being

demanding. Regardless of whether the client is a private

person, a developer, or the government, his task is to be


Because Johan Fieten finds applicability so important, he

also works at assignments for interior design and urban

concepts. Think of the use and routing of public spaces, but

also of well considered lay-outs of home interiors, precisely

because they are experienced as personal. For the future

Johan envisions a change in the perception of living and

new developments in interiors for public places, and, for

instance, reflection areas.


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